Our Story

The development process began from sketching.


Then we rendered the design on computer.


We first had to find the proper keycaps to fit the entire layout of the keyboard, after spending long time searching the keycaps, we decided to go with this one.

To make the Coyres keyboard as thin as possible, we chose the low profile mechanical switches, 3 types of switches - linear, tactile, clicky, which are of choices to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.


The keycaps can also be swapped, we did find the white and blue combination looks calm and vivid on blue case.

The white and pink combination looks adorable and cute on pink case, of Hello Kitty style. 


With those major components in hand, we began designing the PCB and cases.


The finished PCBA



The top and bottom cases


When all the components are ready, we did the final assembly



The prototype is made !