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As the sound damping feature, our keyboard doesn’t need this feature, keyboard with
this feature is very thick, our keyboard is ultra-thin, there is not enough
space inside to have the cavity sound, so our keyboard does not need shock
absorption to offset the cavity sound, conventional keyboard in the market, it
has a thick cavity, so it will have empty cavity sound. You need shock
absorption to absorb the cavity sound.

Our keyboards are all made of metal, which is hard enough. This effectively
reduces noise and cavity sounds.The more rigid the plate the greater the

Yes, we'll update the software to our website: coyres.com in Feb.When you receive keyboard you can download on website.Since it is a newly updated function, we cannot update the description in reward. Please rest assured that we have this function.

Yes, Our keyboards are all made of CNC aluminum alloy.The bottom plate and the top are respectively a whole aluminum alloy, which is a very high cost.