Coyres was created by a group of Apple fans. Though coming from different backgrounds, Wayne, the production engineer with 20+ years of expereince in computer peripherals manufacturing; Jeffrey, the sales person of consumer electronics; Tom, the pre-owned I phone distributor; and Bob, a keyboard enthuaist, the 4 determined to make a great keyboard for I (imac, iphone, ipad) devices


  • It must look Apple and feel Apple
  • It must be sleek and simple
  • It must be great alternative to existing Apple keyboard
  • It must enhance the pleasure of using the I devices


The sketching in summer 2021:

To make a great keyboard for I-devices, we decided to go.


  1. All aluminum, no compromise,-- although we can go half aluminum, half plastic to save cost;
  2. Mechanical switch-- a great enhancement of key touching, free from the fatigue of typing on membrane keys;
  3. Low profile mechanical key switch -- to match Apple's sleek and compact.


Yes, we made it. 3 months later, the fully CNC machined prototype came into being:

However, it's not perfect:

some keycaps are not translucent for back light;

some keycaps uneven

big keys lack stablized

connection issues.


It's another 3 months