The Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Created by Apple fans and mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, the Coyres Keyboard has incorporated the elegance and compact of Apple products with the ergonomics of mechanical Keyboard.

A keyboard of Apple style

Sound testing of different switches

  • Compact Size

    Designed for typing, we’re bringing an ultra-thin ( thinnest 8mm) and low profile switches to this elegant keyboard. So, less striking force and less finger travel is needed, which eases finger fatigue and provides an unmatched typing comfortability.

    0.3~0.9" (0.8~2.2cm) x 11.4"(28.9cm) x 4.4" (11.2 cm)

  • Light Weight

    An apple product must be convenient to carry.

    Coyres keyboard, although made of full aluminum cases, weighs just 1.2 lbs (515g) thanks to its state-of-the-art design.

  • Optional switches

    The beauty of mechanical keyboard is there are options for switches. Dependant on your striking favarates and habits. 3 types of mechanical switches to choose - linear, tactile, clicky.

    See the difference

  • Combined keycaps

    Multiple colors of keycaps can be combined on one keyboard

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Full aluminum enclosure

Top and bottom case both made with CNC machined aluminum alloy, finished with anodization and sandblasting. Compared to the magic keyboard which only has the aluminum top case, it's less clacky.

Why aluminum?

Coyres keyboard is created by Apple fans and for Apple fans, it must look Apple and feel Apple.

What is Apple identity? Aluminum case with anodized and sandblasting.

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Mechanical Switch

With the low profile mechanical switch, typist enjoys longer key travel at less striking force, plus, the keycaps are swappable

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Pairing up to 3 devices

3 iOS devices can be connected simultaneously

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Keyboard Specs


Number of Keys


Battery Type

Li-Polymer Rechargable

Battery Capacity

2000 mAH

Back Light type

White LED

Charging Time

2~3 hrs

Standby Time

2~4 Weeks

USB Port

Type -C

Cable Length

4 feet (1.2 m)

Connection Mode

Wired/ Bluetooth

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth ID



Aluminum Top & Bottom cases


Anodized and Sandblasted


Tray Mount


Double shot injection ABS


L 11.4" (289 mm), W 4.4" (112 mm),H  0.3~0.9" (77~ 200 mm)


1.2 lbs (515 g)