Home Office Storage Ideas for a More Organized and Productive Workspace

Placing your home office storage in the right place is key to creating a functional and inspiring space that will make you feel more productive in your home office. So whether you have a full room or just a space in your living room, it's crucial tomake sure you have the best storage solutions to keep that space neat and organized.

If you want to make sure your desktop is neat and efficient, then the Coyres C4 can add to your office space. As a device that can improve your productivity, the C4 has a small, minimalist design that doesn't take up a lot of space on your desk while still making it look stylish.

If you're looking to organize your room, we've put together some practical but stylish home office storage spaces to keep your desk neat and organized.


Keep your home office space flexible

Look for adaptable storage systems that can grow and change as your storage needs change. If your work is largely paperless, the inevitable storage space for bills, mail, and archived documents need to be precautioned.

Choose adjustable shelves that can be repositioned. This allows you to maximize the available space and make the shelves fit your items, rather than leaving wasted space.


Choose modular home office storage

A good home office storage idea is to build an adaptive storage wall with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets. An open storage system like this provides complete control over the storage space. Not only can you get shelves of varying depths, but you can also get handy little pegboard style panels, or you can add drawers for stationery.


Choose a custom home office space

Many furniture companies and joinery specialists will be able to design and build home office storage to perfectly suit your needs. This is the best way to make the most of every nook and cranny of a room, no matter the size of the space.

Tables can be made to look like part of a storage cabinet, creating a coordinated look. Combine open shelving (for nice storage bins and decorative items) with cabinets to hide clutter. Ask the designer to include center slots and portholes to prevent unsightly wires from getting tangled.


Turn your home office storage into a feature

Turn your home office storage into something pretty with a wall of shelves or a don't-get-patterned picture. This is the perfect solution for those who integrate their home office into a living room or common space. Remember to leave enough space to display precious items, keeping them beautiful and functional.


Choose from a variety of home office storage types

Choose from a wide variety of home office storage types. Shelves for storing books, magazines, and decorative items; drawers with file hangers; drawer pens; and cabinets for hiding printers or large items.


Create a shared workspace with plenty of storage space                                                                                                                                        

Sharing a workspace means cramming a desk, two people's files, and clutter into that space. Maximize the available space by having a double desk and workstation under each drawer.


Choose a home office desk with built-in storage

For a neat office, look for a streamlined desk with drawers. Use the drawers for notebooks and files, then make a feature of stationery storage with a nice selection of pen holders and magazine files.

I love this mid-century-style desk. It has a wide work surface and three large drawers for storing clutter or storing important papers.


Create a complete home office storage space

Where space allows, put shelves on the wall or in the corner for home office storage. Note that if you want to reach height, you'll need shelves that can reach the top, which is where library-style ladders and handrails come in handy.


Don't have a home office? No problem.

If you don't have enough space in your home to set up a dedicated home office, it can be tricky to find places to store your files, laptops, stationery, and the like. But check out this clever way; put it all on a shelving bench. All you need is a simple storage cabinet and a mix of desktops to achieve this effect.


Put a large cork board in your home office

Maybe cork boards don't count as home office storage, but they make it very easy to keep files in one simple place. You can also use it to keep a to-do list on hand, and it's a great little way to add some personality to your home office.


Choose a wire shelf mounted on the wall

If you like industrial vibe interiors, take a look at these wire shelves hanging on the wall and you'll find some home office storage ideas. Notepads are ideal for storing reminders, to-do lists, and inspirational quotes. If you don't want to clutter up your desk, there's no better way to have a matching wall-mounted shelf.


Choose an open shelf (if it's neat enough)

If your office is neat and organized (maybe you've bought some cute file boxes), streamline the back, have open shelves with enough space to display attractive work tools (a roll of wallpaper, floor plans...) or nice home decorations that can make your home office look neat and spacious.


Choose a home office cabinet to hide it all


Your home office is located anywhere outside of your designated home office and a hidden cabinet is an excellent solution. During the day, the doors can be opened to provide you with a fully functional home office; at night, you close the doors and hide everything away.


Niches for home office storage

If you want a complete home office. A neglected niche is waiting to be transformed into something more practical or some home office storage.


Create a walk-in library

A real idea for extra home office storage is to create a walk-in library, like a storage room, but with your books and work stuff. Obviously, in this gorgeous home, there is a small room already built into one side of this huge home office, but if you are fortunate enough to have smaller proportions, you could build a columnar partition wall into your current setup to create a similar) effect.


Add style and storage with color coordinated accessories

I love this little home office corner because it's so beautifully colored! Simple shades like blue and white are perfect for a home office because it makes the office space more interesting, but also not distracting.

Anyway, back to home office storage. Little accessories like these boxes and magazine files can be great for cleaning up the clutter you create throughout the day - use them to store notes, books, pens, and paper, but still keep them all easily accessible.



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