Kailh Choc Switch and PBT Keycaps

Kailh Choc Switch (ChocSwitch) is a mechanical switch based on the "Box technology", which can be used for mechanical keyboards and also for notebook keyboards. The Choc Switch breaks the conventional switch height, based on the trigger principle of Box switch, the switch is made thinner and looks like chocolate when put together, hence the name "Choc Switch".

In fact, as early as Cherry launched MX Low Profile switch, it has already launched Cherry ML switch, which is the earliest mechanical switch using the concept of ultra-slim, it is a thin and light version of Cherry's mechanical switch designed for notebook keyboards. Cherry ML switch can be said to have pioneered the path of the ultra-slim switch, but the launch of Kailh Choc low-profile switch has reached new heights.

The Kailh Choc low-profile switch inherits the zonal and acoustic design of the Kailh Box switch. The Kailh Choc switch is similar to the Box switch in terms of metal shrapnel, but instead of using closed shrapnel, it uses open shrapnel and has a lifespan of 70 million cycles.

The trigger range and total key travel range of Kailh Choc switch are reduced to 1.5mm and 3.0mm respectively, but it still has a strong mechanical feel. It has an innovative internal structure with a balance bar to increase the stability and consistency of the keys, so it is as stable and smooth as the Kailh Box switch in terms of feel.

Currently, Kaih Choc switches have three types: white, red, and brown. With the innovative launch of Kailh Choc switch, the market has triggered a boom in laptop mechanical keyboard switches and the pursuit of low-profile switches.

C4 Keycaps:

PBT is a thermoplastic engineering polymer with excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, and the Double-shot PBT keycaps of C4 are perfect for RGB backlighting. With an excellent manufacturing process and quality screening, each keycap is highly resistant to wear and tear, never fading and has a fine frosted feel. Moreover, the PBT material keeps the surface dry after prolonged use and is fully durable for heavy work.

Coyres will also strive to use the best materials and technology to design keyboards and to innovate and bring the latest and best products to consumers.